Employment Relations Assist

ER Assist offers members access to an Advisor to provide guidance on managing day to day human resource matters. Some, but not all, of the areas supported by ER Assist include:

  • ­interpretation of industrial instruments, awards, legislation and regulations;
  • ­managing sickness absence;
  • ­review and guidance of tribunal claim applications and responses;
  • ­assistance drafting or reviewing correspondence when responding to employee grievances and complaints;
  • ­support and guidance through performance management and disciplinary proceedings;
  • ­advice on dismissal decisions;
  • ­guidance and support managing long term sickness absence and workers compensation matters; and
  • ­advice on employment relations issues resulting from compulsory reporting matters and criminal record check obligations.

Tribunal Representation

LASA members also receive access to support and representation at industrial tribunals. The Employment Relations team assists members in the following matters:

  • Unfair Dismissal Applications
  • Anti-Discrimination Claims
  • Disputes
  • Anti-bullying Applications
  • Underpayment of Wages Claims
  • Adverse Action Applications

Alerts and Resources

Included in the range of resources and alerts available to members are:

  • Employment Relations Advices
  • Working Advices
  • Employer Assist
  • Fact Sheets

Contact us

Contact the Employment Relations team on (02) 9212 6922 or at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it